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Australia was settled about

60,000 years ago by the

ancestors of the Aborigines

via a land bridge from New

Guinea. Rock paintings form

an important part of the

culture of the Aborigines.

There are magnificent

paintings in the Kimberley

region, particularly

Wandjina images. These

have little stylistic

connection to the Bradshaw

figures, though, and have

been dated at roughly 5,000

years of age. The Aborigines

themselves have ascribed a

mystical creation story to

the Bradshaw figures. This

raises the question of who

created these figures. The

current discussion of this

question is based largely

upon a stylistic comparison

with other rock paintings.

There is a noticeable

similarity between these

figures and rock paintings in

Africa where the depiction

of human figures and their

attributes is concerned.

Based upon this similarity,

it is conceivable that

emigrants from Africa might

have reached Kimberley

region by boat and settled

the area roughly 70,000

years ago. The rising sea

level and competition

with inland populations

expanding towards the

coast could have destroyed

this civilisation roughly 10-

20,000 years ago.

Wandjina Figuren




Algerien, Tassili