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Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA) Biosecurity Plan.


To capitalise on community driven clean, green and biosecure ORIA for the present and future generations.


To minimise the introduction, establishment and negative impact of biological threats in the ORIA region.


To keep the ORIA free of pests, diseases and weeds that poses a risk to the plant health & economy of the ORIA, by

Creating a regional biosecurity framework and operations structure to realise the vision.

  • Clearly define tasks and allocate responsibilities.
  • Provide training in key areas of pest incursion management.
  • Enhancing awareness of regional biosecurity issues.


Develop and implement strategies to reduce further spread of established key pests, diseases and weeds.

  • Develop and implement programs to minimise the incursion of exotic pests, diseases and weeds.
  • Monitor and manage the impact of established pests, disease and weeds.


The community have a responsibility as ORIA producers to play their part in ensuring that the area does not become infested with biological threats that would impact on agriculture, environment and agriculture based economic health of the region.

Role of Ordguard Committee.

The committee will need to:

  • Determine and coordinate the direction of agreed actions to deal with biosecurity threats.
  • Identify resources to undertake biosecurity projects.
  • Identify players and delegate tasks.
  • Monitor progress of biosecurity strategies and assess effectiveness.
  • Promote the importance of biosecurity in local a local and regional context.
  • Communicate the positive results of actions undertaken.
  • Increase biosecurity understanding within the broader community.
  • Work with the DAWA to maintain pest area freedom for market access.