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Cane Toad Forum:

Date: 19-20 th March 2005 .

Venue: Leisure Centre

Projected Outcomes from the Forum.

An increase in community awareness, education and participation in dealing with the Cane Toad problem.

  • An Identification of high risk pathways from the NT into the Kimberley and an action plan of appropriate and best effective strategies and management decisions that might stop, or at best delay and minimise the Cane Toad invasion in the Kimberley .
  • The identification of areas of urgent scientific research and determination of ‘fast track’ methods for actioning this.
  • The identification of areas of high biodiversity values in the Kimberley that could be relatively easily protected to keep out Cane Toads.
  • The listing of the Cane Toad threat to the Kimberley as a Threatening Process under the EPBC act. (Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act 7.07(b) 1999.
  • The establishment of a Kimberley Cane Toad Website that is educational and informative and provides up to date information and outcomes of all scientific research projects in the Kimberley and details of current management strategies that may be in place. This website will also provide an online discussion forum for public and academic comment.
  • The production and publication of the scientific research papers presented on the scientific day.

Format for Community Day: 19/03/2005

Dead Cane Toad Hands on Displays . Objective is for people to see what they look like and how to identify them to avoid misidentification and accidental culling of native species.

  • Information and Display Boards. These to be undertaken by all government agencies involved in Cane Toads research and education, the Cane Toad Working Group, and other groups involved in promoting cane toad education to the community.
  • Lots of publicity material such as pamphlets, posters, video’s and a Cane Toad Movie.
  • Photographic display of native frogs that could be mistaken for the Cane Toad.
  • T-shirts with a Cane Toad image for distribution, primarily to children?
  • Environmental Cane Toad Impact Art Exhibition. Graphic visual art display of many of the species that will be under threat. Images of Native Frogs that could be mistaken for the Cane Toad. This to be organised by Diversion Gallery.
  • Some relevant but limited scientific presentations/papers/talks/demonstrations during the day.
  • Indigenous Representative from the Northern Territory to talk on impact of Cane Toad on his community.
  • The presence and involvement of Celebrities to assist in maximising media attention and community participation.
  • Glenella eco park N.T. are bringing a display of live animals most threatened by cane toads
  • Cane toad movies will be shown.
  • Cane the cane toad poster competition by local schools.
  • Display of cane toads (stuffed and preserved)

Format for Scientific Day. 20/03/2005

Chaired by Dr Andrew Storey.

  • The presentation of information from scientists, researchers and other Cane Toad experts from all over Australia . 15-minute papers will be followed by 30 minutes of questions and discussion and 15 minutes defining and collating all information that directly relates to establishing the projected forum outcomes.
  • All papers and discussion will be filmed and recorded.
  • A publication of all scientific and research papers will be made available shortly after the forum

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