Cane toads

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About Kimberley Specialists.
Leading the Field in Independent Research & Sustainable Tourism

The concept of Kimberley Specialists was initially formulated over a decade ago by Lee Scott-Virtue and finally developed in 2001 by Dean Goodgame and Lee Scott-Virtue and with the assistance of Stacey Porter, environmental accountant, into the two tiered structure it is today. Aboriginal cultural advisor and friend Ju Ju Wilson has been working with Lee Scott-Virtue since 1998. She is an integral part of the cultural component of Kimberley Specialists today. Lynne Bunney and Vanessa Hayden were also early contributors to the formation of Kimberley Specialists. Kimberley Specialists in Tourism produces specialised tour experiences that have an 'enviro' and research levy built into the tour cost. This contribution helps to facilitate and sponsor natural and cultural research projects supported by Kimberley Specialists in Research, the non-profit component of Kimberley Specialists.

Kimberley Specialists emerged primarily out of a growing concern for the escalating environmental cost of a rapidly growing tourism industry, and the insufficient contribution and accountability being made by the tourism industry , local government and Aboriginal people towards the long-term sustainability of the natural, cultural and historical resources of the Kimberley

Kimberley Specialists initiates and produces Kimberley tourism experiences that promote and work towards the long term sustainability of Kimberley natural, historical and cultural resources. Kimberley Specialists in Research manages the ongoing 'non-profit' research component, and arranges various educational forums and environmental events.

Kimberley Specialists in Research is motivated and driven by academic and other committed volunteers. Stacey Porter, environmental and accounting advisor to Kimberley Specialists in Research, co-ordinates the natural and cultural research programme's facilitated and sponsored by Kimberley Specialists. Dr Jim Kohan, Biologist, archaeologist and Associate Professor at Macquarie University has been supporting our research programme in the Kimberley since 1998. Dr Andrew Storey, one of WA's leading Aquatic scientists, has recently committed he and his team to research projects on Kachana Pastoral Station, Faraway Bay and other locations in the East Kimberley. Dr Storey has had several years of research experience in the Kimberley prior to this commitment. Dr Storey has also agreed to co-ordinate and chair the proposed 2005 cane toad forum in Kununurra currently being facilitated by Kimberley Specialists. It is not possible to thank all of those people who have contributed to what makes up Kimberley Specialists today and for this information please click on this link.

Of major concern to the people involved in Kimberley Specialists is the growing evidence of a rapidly diminishing cultural and bio diversity resource base. Evident also, is the increasing awareness that if we continue on our present trend of total cultural and environmental exploitation, poor cultural land care management decisions and the current political trend of 'no accountability and responsibility' we will have nothing to leave our children or grandchildren nor future generations. If this trend continues, the wonderful unique Kimberley environment we are so privileged to experience today will soon disappear forever.

Of concern also is the lack of qualified and environmentally literate land holders, local government bodies, the current Aboriginal generation, tour companies and tour guides working in and around the Kimberley. This is compounded by the apparent lack of 'educated' commitment by everyone concerned, including the tourism industry in general to ‘put back’ something into the care and management of the area’s that are exploited for tourism.

Kimberley Specialists was then established with the primary aim of providing a professional and holistic approach to natural; and cultural resource management, sustainable tourism practices, and to become an environmentally pro-active participant within the broader community. Kimberley Specialists is further committed to looking at issues of long term sustainability for Kimberley natural, historical and cultural resources, and towards working with other groups and individuals in providing answers towards ensuring appropriate natural and cultural resource management strategies and tourism management principle are put in place to protect our diminishing natural and cultural resources.

Kimberley Specialists commitment to land care and resource management education initiated a decision to implement an ‘enviro’ levy on a daily basis for every visitor booking onto a KST specialist tour product. This enviro levy is directed into various landcare and resource management programs currently in place in the Kimberley.


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