Cane toads


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Cane Toad Art Exhibition:


The Cane Toad Battle… Environmental Art Exhibition.


The Diversion Galllery , Kununurra, is once again pleased to be invited by Kimberley Specialists to help organise an art exhibition to help the environment. Nadeen Lovell, the owner and one of the principal artists of the gallery, also runs the small but successful Kimberley School of Art. It is from these two outlets that Nadeen will draw upon artists to create work for the exhibition.

 While many of the artists and students are yet to make acquaintance with the cane toad, they are aware of the dangers to the local region ‘if’ these creatures arrive in full force. Some of the artists are already members of environmental groups and others have spent time studying birds and frogs which will undoubtedly suffer. Nadeen, who was raised near Brisbane, came to learn of the dangers of cane toads as a child and has seen areas quite devastated of wildlife by cane toad invasion.

 The works will be created with the idea that visual art can help with the educational of the general public, particularly in the recognition of the toad versus frogs.

 It is the intention of Nadeen to request the artists to submit their work for sale, with monies over and above their costs going towards the Kimberley Specialists in Research non profit research fund to be used directly in the war against cane toads.

 The exhibition will be on display at the forum to be held in March and then moved to the Diversion Gallery and/or other venues around Kununurra.



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