Cane toads

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Management of the cane toad and its impacts in the Northern Territory

Robert Taylor and Keith Saalfeld

Biodiversity Conservation, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment, N.T.

Research into the impacts of cane toads by the then Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission began around 1983-84 soon after the arrival of the species into the Territory. However a concerted coordinated management response to the issue didn’t commence in earnest until the funding of a program entitled Island Arks in mid 2003. The various components of this program are:

  • Impact Assessment
  • Translocation of highly impacted species
  • Public Education
  • Biosecurity
  • Development of Aboriginal land owners capacity for management of islands and awareness raising
  • Distribution Monitoring
  • Public Involvement
  • Development of short term control
  • Development of long term control
  • National coordination