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What do we do?

KTB have never been about just toad busting. KTB have always been about toad education, biodiversity recording, research, indigenous involvement and so much more.

However toad busting has been a very large component of our activities and continues to be so. By keeping cane toad population numbers under control you can make a big difference. It takes the pressure off our native animals and the food supply they require for their survival.

KTB continue to encourage community to toad bust with programs such as ‘Adopt a Street’ and the “What’s in your Backyard?” programs. We also continue to take our education programs to town in the Kimberley well ahead of the cane toad in order to prepare them for the cane toad arrival.

KTB also encourage visitors to the Kimberley to assist our community with keeping cane toad population numbers under control. If you would like to join KTB volunteers or even just run you own toad bust in any of the areas you might be camping please contact us for the best and most efficient way you can assist.

Please contact us on 08 91682576 or email us on

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