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Cane the Cane Toads! 

Cane Toad Poster Competition

With the threat of cane toads to the Kimberley fast becoming a fact, there is a strong and immediate need for us as a community to increase our knowledge and awareness of cane toads so that we are prepared for when they arrive.

With this in mind, The Rangelands Natural Resource Management Group, with the help of Kimberley Specialists, invited students to participate in our Cane Toad Poster Competition.

The Task

The aim of the competition was to raise awareness in the community of the cane toad and its impacts on the Kimberley , its animals and its people.

All primary and pre primary students were asked to create a poster that communicates their ideas and messages on cane toads. Entries were displayed at the Cane Toad forum in Kununurra held on the 19 th and 20 th of March. It is anticipated that the winning entries will be collated to form a 2006 Cane Toad Calender.

The students were allowed to be as creative as they wish and entries may include information and/or ideas on: what will happen when the cane toads arrive ie the threat cane toads pose to the Kimberley wildlife and the overall Kimberley way of life,

  • the identification of the cane toad,
  • how cane toads should be managed,
  • what to do when the cane toads arrive, and
  • how the cane toads might be stopped.

Entries may be painted, drawn, be a collage of photos and/or newspaper clippings etc – however the students wish to communicate their message.


The Prize

Prizes for the 1 st 2 nd and highly commended winning entries in each age category will be awarded to the children and their classes. Prizes included items such as books, t-shirts, videos and art supplies.

The Winners




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