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This site and the Kimberley Toad Busters cane toad volunteer group was established by Kimberley Specialists

The Kimberley Toad Busters Inc. are the only volunteer group on the ground, twelve months of the year, fighting to stop the toad from crossing into WA.
For the first time in almost 74 years, a totally volunteer force, have the ability to 'slow' and assist government and scientists to find a 'biological' solution to the relentless march of the cane toad across the North of Australia..
Kimberley Toad Busters are as much about gathering scientific data as it is about 'busting' toads.

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Working together, a community has power

Working together as a community and local government, we have great power

Working together as a community, local government and State government, we have awesome power

Working together as a community, local government, State and Federal government, we are unstopable

UNSTOPPABLE! That's what they say about the cane toad


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"It is important to recognise that the pristine terrestrial and aquatic habitat systems of the Kimberley are already under threat. Current land care and resource management policies undertaken by land and resource managers have had a detrimental impact on Kimberley biodiversity. Most of our plant and animal biodiversity is in a fragile state. The impact of the cane toad, if allowed to happen, will literally destroy one of the last unique biodiversity wilderness frontiers in Australia," Lee Scott-Virtue. Kimberley Specialists in Research.
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