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KTB Monthly Field Data Sheets.

KTB have sexed, measured and recorded cane toad abnormalities as well as other relevant data since the 10th September 2005. As well as recording the scientific data KTB have kept a record of the number of volunteers and hours they have dedicated to slowing down and mitigating the impact of cane toads on our Kimberley environment. KTB have used this field information to plot the main cane toad corridors as toads have moved towards the WA border and as they have hit the Kimberley. This information has also enabled us to anticipate where toads will move to next and when they are likely to get there. Maps showing the full extent and pace of the main toad corridors entering WA have been up-dated regularly and made available on our website The WA map also shows the projected movement of toads over this current wet season.
In the interests of all interested parties KTB have decided to make the monthly data sheets available to everyone. These monthly data sheets are produced from the daily field recording sheets used every-time our volunteers go into the field (see link to an electronic copy of this data sheet). The monthly correlation of field information only provides the date and location where toads were found; the number, sex of the toad and numbers of volunteers. Other and more specific information recorded in the field is available on request.
General community efforts to keep numbers of toads and their breeding to a minimum have been an amazing effort. In order to at least provide some insight into this effort KTB have produced a living Google earth map of both KTB efforts and the locations where various individuals and family groups have “adopted their street” and are working hard to keep toad numbers at bay (see link to this map).

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