Cane toads


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The Friends of the Kimberley Toad Busters (KTBs)

are a Perth based
group of volunteers dedicated to providing support for the field
work of the Kununurra based KTB volunteers working on wet season incursions ahead of the cane toad front.

If anyone is travelling to Kununurra and would like to go
toadbusting please contact the Friends before heading to Kununurra. The Friends will be able to advise you how to equip yourself with training, safety awareness, insurance and appropriate equipment before you leave.

The Friends also assist the KTBs with administrative and scientific support
for their field work and are exploring further funding opportunities for the KTBs.


The Friends’ efforts are our contribution to keeping the cane toads at bay at the Victoria River system in the Northern Territory until a solution to this national threat to our biodiversity is found.


If you would like the Friends to come and talk to your organisation
or school, and outline the KTB Field work while providing an entertaining,
informative and heart warming photo story of community toadbusting, or if
you simply wish to join the group to show your support or help with
the campaign, please email the Friends at, or
phone us on 0427 508 582 or contact us by post at PO Box 3047, Broadway,
Nedlands WA 6009 for further information.


The Friends of the KTBs are all volunteers and we welcome the assistance of anyone who is dedicated to supporting the front line unique community campaign of the wonderful Kimberley Toad Busters.