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The north-western part of Australia, more

specifically the Kimberley region in the state of

Western Australia, is the site of magnificent,

highly impressive artwork. There one finds rock

paintings with an extraordinary style, known

to much of the world as ‘Bradshaws’, after the

Australian settler Joseph Bradshaw who described

them, and to the Aborigines who live there today

as ‘Gwion Gwion’.

There are so many rock paintings spread across

the Kimberley that previously unknown paintings

are still being discovered. Among the ‘discoverers’

are Reto and Astrid Weiler, who have dedicated

their leisure time to the ‘Bradshaws’ for many

years. While Reto Weiler approaches the images

from a scientific perspective, his wife has taken

a more artistic approach to the rock paintings;

inspired by the sand and colours of the Kimberley,

she interprets the artistic works in her own way as

she creates her own distinguished adaptations.

As if the rock paintings of the Kimberley

were not exciting enough on account of their

techniques, the history of their creation is still

largely unknown. It is not just the fact that their