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This site and the Kimberley Toad Busters cane toad volunteer group was established by Kimberley Specialists

Field Reports

KTB Field Reports

These field reports only represent a small proportion of the KTB field reports received. Many are handwritten and KTB do not have the volunteer time to transcribe every report they receive. The field reports are mainly written by our toad busting team leaders and compliment the field data sheets filled in by team leaders every time a team goes into the field. The reports are not compulsory and a number of our leaders choose not to write up their findings (and this is particularly so of our Aboriginal team leaders). This means that the report’s represents only a fraction of KTB activity in the field. However they do provide a ‘window’ into the KTB field activities and provide ‘support’ to the field data sheets filled in at the end of every toad bust.

These reports also include the up-dates provided by whoever is in the KTB Field Coordinating position at the time. For anyone accessing information from our website these report (from 2011) will now correlate with community members (and KTB registered volunteers) reports of toads recorded within the Kununurra and larger Kimberley area as toads continue to invade. Please go to our KTB map of cane toad movement and the KTB monthly data reports .