To the East Kimberley Community.


What YOU can do to stop the Cane Toads from crossing into the Kimberley.


On the 19 th of August 2005 it will be 70 years since the Cane Toad was introduced into Australia. It is now listed as one of the worst invaders to hit Australia since European colonisation.


This is the first time in 70 years that ordinary people have come together and said ‘enough is enough’. A volunteer campaign has been initiated in Kununurra to STOP THE CANE TOAD from moving any closer to the WA border.


Community members are being asked to volunteer some of their time to assist in this fight. The 19 th of August has been set as the date when the ‘on-ground’ community action will be announced.


A campaign of fund raising and sponsorship is underway to raise sufficient funds for the manufacture and purchase of cane toad traps.


Contact Lee or Dean at Kimberley Specialists on 91682576

Sarah Brett at the Kimberley Vet Centre 91691229

Jeff Hayley at Triple J Tours 91682682.


Please take any suspect frogs to the Kimberley Vet Centre for identification.