Cane Toads


A heartfelt cry from the Kununurra Community to the Nation now fighting to stop the cane toad from crossing into WA since Sept. 2004.

We will Stop the Cane Toads getting into WA!




Recognising KTBs silent achievers.

KTB Recognition Box: 5 February 2008

Inaugural KTB Board member and current KTB treasurer, KTB safety officer, long time KTB field leader, Kununurra Palliative Care Community nurse, Lions President, and winner of several prestigious volunteer awards Del is one of the Kimberley’s most loved and respected members. Del is an extraordinary individual who, in her 55th year, decided to devote ten years of her working life (in her spare time) to community volunteer work. With only 4 years to go and one of KTBs most committed volunteers (Del has the second most number of community volunteer hours spent in the field toad busting) and has conceded she will probably go on toad busting ‘til the end’.

Del’s beloved working car collection now has a vehicle dedicated to toadbusting. Del’s passion and commitment in all that she does is an inspiration to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of the Kimberley.