Cane Toads


A heartfelt cry from the Kununurra Community to the Nation.

We will Stop the Cane Toads getting into WA!



Website constructed by Dean Goodgame of Kimberley Specialists in Research Inc.

The Kimberley Toad Busters Inc. are the only truly totally volunteer group
on the ground (since the 10th Sept. 2005) trying to stop the cane toad
from getting across the Western Australian border. To date we have
largely met all field expenses from community fund raising efforts, local government input and community donations, Biodiversity Protection Inc (and recently a commitment of $304,000 from the Federal Government) .
For the first time in 72 years, a totally volunteer force, with the help of the Department of Environment and Conservation field team have the ability to 'hold' the
cane toad front line while government and scientists find a 'biological' solution to the relentless march of the cane toad.
Kimberley Toad Busters is as much about gathering scientific data as it is about 'busting' toads.
'Front' line field biological data collected by the Kimberley Toad Busters and collated by Kimberley Specialists in Research is helping to assist in the Federal Governments efforts to find a 'biological' solution to the problem.


The aim of this website is to document the Kimberley Toad Busters fight to stop the cane toad crossing into Western Australia and to provide the Western Australian Community some understanding of the enormous efforts (and contributions) that can be made by unpaid volunteers!

Bob Cooper Bush skills and Survival Toad Busting Course.

Cane Toad Sites

Kimberly Toad Busters

Half Day Induction and Safety Awareness Course



Subjects covered:

Compass Navigation

Stellar and solar direction finding

First aid treatment for local bites and stings

Emergency signals and procedures

Safety equipment and protective clothing

Awareness of Buffaloes, cattle and crocodiles

Identify toxic vegetation

Action if stranded

Responsibilities as a “Toad Buster” in the “Buddy System”


Length and Location: Late afternoon till 9.30pm in bush location close to KNX

Method: demonstrations and group discussions followed by practical ‘hands on” training and individuals tested in small groups for proficiency.


Certification: successful participants receive a certificate of accomplishment allowing them to then be involved in field work.

Resources provided: Qualified bush survival instructor, hand outs and all training aids.

Group size: Twenty participants:

Course fee: $990.00 per course includes GST or $49.50 per participant.


Suggested dates: TBA - 2007

Kind regards, Bob Cooper


Basic Survival Course KNX

April 2007

The Instructor

The chief instructor is Mr Bob Cooper. Born and educated in Western Australia , Bob has delivered these Outback Safety and Survival courses since 1990 and is considered the leading desert survival instructor in Australia .

Bob conducts survival courses for government agencies and private companies throughout Australia . He has instructed with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Rangers on desert survival courses over a number of years in the USA , and is a frequent guest speaker on ABC talkback radio. He has also featured in several major television documentaries. These include National Geographic America, BBC’s Discovery Channel, The World around Us and 60 Minutes

Course Outline

Many topics are covered during this course which includes theory sessions consisting of lectures, demonstrations and videos with plenty of “hands on experience”.

Followed by a practical weekend putting the theory into practice.

You will learn about:

  • Psychology of survival
  • Map reading and navigation
  • Water procurement techniques
  • Alternative fire-lighting methods
  • Edible and medicinal plants
  • Avoiding poisoning by toxic vegetation
  • Stellar and solar navigation
  • Modern survival techniques
  • Traditional bush-living skills
  • Useful and harmful sea coast creatures
  • Day and night signals, plus many more useful skills to make your outings safer.

The Course Fee covers:

  • The theory sessions are held in a classroom on the Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm
  • The practical weekend follows in a bush location.
  • A comprehensive personal Bush Survival Kit is included in your course fee.


Cost of Course

Cost to all participants (GST inclusive) $ 485.00

A set of joining instructions will be forwarded on receipt of your completed application form.

Travel to/from the practical weekend bush location is not included.

Food Your food during the practical weekend is included in the course fee. The menu details will be provided during the first theory session, and any dietary requirements will be catered for.


Bob Cooper Outdoor Education Pty Ltd

PO Box 8486 Perth Business Centre 6849

Ph 08 93771767 Fax 08 93771217

ABN 93 009 354 036


Bob Cooper Outdoor Education Pty Ltd
PO Box 8486 Perth Business Centre 6849
Ph 08 93771767 Fax 08 93771217
ABN 93 009 354 036