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Hear the Call of the Toad

"Adopt a Street"
is the battle cry Cane Toads are here and have to die
The KTB want you to gang together
And catch old Bufo whatever the weather
Work with your neighbours to stop them dead
Even if holding them fills you with dread
These vermin can't win if we band as one
So start your campaign till the battle is won

By Norma Wainwright seasoned Kimberley Toad Buster.

The KTB driven “Adopt a Street” is focussed on encouraging individuals and family groups, outlying communities and even Pastoral Station owners to ‘bust ’toads in their own ‘backyards’. KTB are also, through this program, encouraging people to undertake biodiversity surveys and to monitor the impact of the toads on the native species that for many have become like family. The Google map of Kununurra shows how successful this program has been. As we progressively up-date the Kununurra map and provide Google maps for larger areas we hope to be able to show how successful a united community can be in reducing toad numbers long term and the subsequent reduction in impact toads are having on our native biodiversity in these community controlled areas.