Cane Toads


A heartfelt cry from the Kununurra Community to the Nation now fighting to stop the cane toad from crossing into WA since Sept. 2004.

We will Stop the Cane Toads getting into WA!

KTB awarded of the Regioal Achievers Community of the Year.
Stopping toads not just about catching toads.
KTB results toad science overturned.

Media Release

September 16 2006

Toad found in Kimberley
but dingos on the case

Friends of Kimberley Toad Busters

The discovery of a live cane toad in Kununurra on Friday has increased the urgency for the State and Federal government to increase awareness of the cane toad threat.

The toad was found by a local who took it to vet and volunteer Kimberley Toad Buster, Sarah Brett for positive identification.

Sarah euthanased the cane toad with a lethal injection and will use it to train two dingo pups brought to the east Kimberley town during the week by Perth trainer Sarah Fyffe who will be implementing the training.

The two dingoes, Buffy “the toad slayer” is four months old, and “Kimba,” two months, will spend up to six weeks with the Kimberley Toad Busters who will use the dogs to sniff out dry season incursions during the day when cane toads are harder to find.

The DEC have also acquired a sniffer dog this week – a short haired Belgium shepherd, Nifty, who has been pre-trained by the international dog training specialists in Queensland, Multi-National Canine.

“We’ll have Nifty on a three month trial,” Errol says. “Well take her out in the field to identify toad habitats undetectable during the day and she will also be used to go over previously “busted” areas to ensure there are no toads remaining.”

Sarah says that while it is disturbing to find a cane toad in the middle of the town, the action taken by members of the community show KTB’s efforts to educate the general public about cane toad identification and proper handling is working.

“The local who found the toad knew exactly what to do with it,” Sarah says. “His handling of the situation drives home the importance of the KTB message that if everyone was a toad buster the toads would be busted,” Sarah said.

Friends of the Kimberley Toad Buster’s co-ordinator, Sandy Boulter says this incident highlights the urgent need for State and Federal government to put in adequate signage along the Victoria River Road at regular intervals, before vehicles arrive at the border Northern Territory and Western Australian border.

“Raising awareness of the toad’s ability to hitchhike as well as ensuring the general public know how to identify and dispose of a toad properly is essential,” Sandy says.

KTB founder and Anthropologist, Lee Scott-Virtue says the dedicated team of volunteers are doing their best to keep the cane toad away from the Ord River system. “This is a unique and precious system,” Lee says, “with Lake Argyle also potentially at risk. The finding of the cane toad in Kununurra means our efforts to protect these areas are increased. Though our resources are stretched to the limit, we will do what ever it takes,” she says.


Contact Errol Kruger at DEC in Kununurra on (08) 9168 4200 or Sandy Boulter at Friends of the Kimberley Toad Busters on 0427 508 582.

If everyone was a toad buster, the toads would be busted!