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Media Release

The aim of this website is to document the Kimberley Toad Busters fight to stop the cane toad crossing into Western Australia and to provide the Western Australian Community some understanding of the enormous efforts (and contributions) that can be made by unpaid volunteers!
Cane toads are well and truly on their way to Broome-Next stop Perth.
‘Rambo like’ cane toads hit WA!
‘Toads hit Rio'
Toads evolving response to human predation
Cane toad volunteers fight back!
The Cane Toad is a Key Threatening Process to the Australian Nation
Declared by the Federal Government 12 April 2005.

“Cane Toads, TAP and where's the ‘green’ in Bob Brown?"

“ For many years now Kimberley Toadbusters has been active in forming partnerships with organizations and individuals that have the same vision of keeping toad population numbers under control and mitigating the cane toad’s influence on our wonderful iconic fauna. These partnerships have been by and large ‘win, win’ affairs whereby both parties gain from the knowledge and experience with the biggest beneficiary, our wildlife, continuing to get that much- needed helping hand.

In the same light, there have been difficulties with a few governmental agencies. Often, through no fault of their own they have had a quagmire of bureaucratic red tape, paperwork and petty power plays to work through - not to mention being dictated to by some senior officials based in the south with no real understanding of our northern landscapes and or the reasons why Kimberley Toad Buster volunteers work so hard to control cane toad numbers.

“Anyone would think that the benefit gained from community efforts to keep toad population numbers under control was rocket science rather than common sense!” exclaimed Ben Scott-Virtue, KTB Field and Education Coordinator. “The recent release of the Federal Governments Threat Abatement Plan (TAP) reinforces an appalling ignorance of the results and benefits of community actions in the cane toad fight” he further stated.

Dean Goodgame added “how hard is it to understand that by removing the cane toad from the eco- system you are helping our own native fauna at both a direct and indirect level. Reduced and controlled toad population numbers means reduced native animal loss and a reduced impact on the invertebrate food chain. There are many native species in decline that do not prey upon toads, but need the same invertebrate base that cane toads eat so it is pretty clear about what happens when food begins to run out because toads have eaten it all”.

“Colin Barnett might cop a bit of stick but one thing is for sure, he and most of his state ministers ‘get’ the scale of the problem our wildlife face, and they continue to be willing to not just provide support verbally, but through true action” added John Cugley, Administrative Coordinator KTB. “What I want to know is why after six years of this fight we have yet to see either a single Greens member or a National Party representative out with us in the field? Heavens, one would have thought this should have been a priority before writing a document like TAP!” claimed Norma Wainwright, 80yr old KTB Treasurer and volunteer.

“Just read the latest incarnation of the ‘TAP (Threat abatement plan) / community groups no help?’ What a load of crap! They need to wake up and smell the roses. Come to Kununurra and see what a whole community has not only done, but continues to do!” said Tim Leary, KTB volunteer and team leader.

KTB’s field Coordinator, Ben Scott-Virtue relocating a ‘fresh water’ crocodile (left) and the results of just one ‘bust’ along the cane toad’s southern corridor of movement towards KTB’s southern depot, Nicholson Station.

Here at Toad HQ we are going to let the final quote go to Bob Brown, leader of the federal Greens Party.

“In securing the future of the planet, we secure happiness for ourselves. One of the aims of the Greens is to turn around the tide of pessimism amongst the young people of the world.”

Well Bob, our glass of milk looks distinctly half empty…

Contact Ben Scott-Virtue, Field Coordinator or John Cugley, KTB
Administration Coordinator on 91682576 for further information or for high
resolution photos

If everyone became a toad buster.

The toads would be busted!