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The Kununurra Cane Toad Working Group: (CTWG)

Meeting Minutes Wednesday 02 March 2005


Scott Goodson, Katya Tripp, Noel Wilson, Brad Rushforth, Gill Holmes, Peter Grigg, Dick Pasfield, Gae Mackay, Doug Palmers, Karin Carnes, Lee Scott-Virtue, Gordon Graham, Keith Wright, Chris Adams.

Chris Richardson – APB

Outlined brief background of State group, management/reports, etc.

Prevention $200,000

Biodiversity $200,000

Extension of public awareness $ 80,000

Management cane toad project $120,000

$600,000 Budget

Questions for Chris Richardson

Dick Pasfield What is the relationship or mechanism for getting local information through to State group?

Chris response Through management group, operations group, State group. Via direct letter, etc. Open lines of communication (please see handout for further reporting details)

Chris Adams Funds finish 30 th June – what happens next? What is the time frame for the strategy?

Chris response State Group will meet in March. Strategy is to be developed urgently

Draft in place by June.

Cane Toad Initiative Update (Noel Wilson)

 Surveillance team:-

Main frontline Victoria River

Looking for advance population in front of frontline

Using established methodology

Timber Creek – no evidence of toads

Rangers seem to have been successful in eradicating toads

76km from border – population not found.

Kalkaringi – reports of toads, but none found.

Toads 40km east of Top Springs

Next – north of Victoria Highway to see movements over wet season.

Awareness/education increase next.

Need to get message out re; aboriginals V’s toads.

Liaise with existing networks established in NT.

School talks – Brad, Karen Communities – Karin

Public awareness strategy – Dept Agriculture WA

Covers everything CTWA has come up with.

Tender being produced to produce information/education materials.

Currently have available cane toad life cycle blocks and preserved adults, eggs and juveniles, banners

1800 telephone number set up through DAWA – statewide number.

Further details in handout notes from meeting – P8

 New ‘pest note’ replaces the cane toad ‘farm notes’.

Return farm notes to Noel to be returned to Perth and replaced by new version.


Peter Grigg

VC guide – EK traveller’s guide – insert.

Message/pictures 3 visitors we don’t want in WA – toads, Ngoora burr and fruit flies.

CTWG subgroup media – will have opportunity to input and review draft education kits.



Animal ethics committees haven’t yet approved traps developed in NT.

WA trying to get them approved as soon as possible.


Disposal of toads

Animal welfare looking at this

Being worked on but no recommendation as yet.


Roles and Responsibilities of State agencies

Details regarding roles and responsibilities as per handout from meeting.


Terms and Reference for KCTWG.

State group terms and reference – see handout from meeting.

Noel distributed draft terms of reference for discussion. Finalised draft version to be circulated by Gae Mackay (see end of minutes)



CALM Gae Mackay

NRM Biodiversity Facilitator Karin Carnes

NRM Rivercare facilitator Katya Tripp

(check with Kel Baldock ???

DAWA Noel Wilson

OLW Dick Pasfield

KLC Doug Palmer send request to Rachel Quast

Des Hill address to Julie Melbourne

TO Ben Ward

APB Keith Wright send request to Tony Richmond

Kun VC Peter Grigg

Tourism WA Regional Manager (not yet appointed)

D of E Scott Goodson

SWEK Chris Adams

Joint Chair Noel and Gae

Cane Toad Action Plan

Karin producing updated version.

Cane Toad Forum

Lee Scott-Virtue:-

Looking for updates from DAWA, frog calls, etc and websites.

Speaker list – on website.

Community Day – Sat – 9 speakers and 7 displays – Knx Hotel dinner – venue leisure centre

Scientific Day – Sun – 16 speakers – 9.00am/4.30pm – BBQ boat – venue leisure centre

Poster competition:- primary school

Possible calendar later on

Cane toad art exhibition

Cane toad movies

Sponsor list on website


Scientific airfares, etc








Frog Watch Tshirts




Aboriginal Elder - welcome


General expenses


Approximate estimate $35,000

Currently raised $31,800 (including $5000)

Also SEEKS, SWEK, DofE,.Sally Malay, Slingair, EKT, etc

Still require $13,200

CTWG – funding for forum

$5000 donated to Cane Toad Forum endorsed by CTWA.

 General Business

Wyndham work camp – available

Ben Ward requested supply of traps – to monitor and maintain, etc.

using youth program and feed back to communities.

Next meeting to tie in with Chris Richardson visit to Kununurra in early April.

Set for 2:30pm 5 th April 2005, at CALM office.

CTWG Revised (draft) Terms of Reference

Provide a forum for communication between relevant stakeholders on cane toad operational issues in the Kimberley

  1. Advise the Kimberley Operations Group and the State Cane Toad Management Advisory Committee on local and statewide issues relating to cane toad initiatives which cover the following areas:
    • Prevention or minimisation of entry and establishment of toads in the Kimberley and the rest of Western Australia.
    • Participate in effective statewide coordination of Cane Toad issues (includes liaison with the State Cane Toad Management Advisory Group and other groups investigating priority cane toad issues
    • Public awareness of cane toad issues (includes the provision of printed material and dissemination of consistent and accurate information between agencies and the community)
    • Biodiversity asset identification ad protection (includes liaison with lead agencies regarding impact research opportunities

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